Dear Heartbreak,

Dear Heartbreak, You are unavoidable. No one can escape your grasp. You are unplanned, relentless, and consuming. You do not discriminate, and you will not be avoided, even if delayed. Dear Heartbreak, You change every time I meet you. You have entered my life in more ways than one, but always with a swift motion, [...]

Dear Girl, I Am Worth It

Today's letter in the Series, "Dear Girl, If Only You Knew" is one that makes me strangely emotional when I think about how important it is to me.  Most people don't know that I didn't start out as a Theater Education Major. I switched from Performance to Theater Education at the mid-way point of my [...]

Understanding Our Brokenness

I'm in a season of big questions. I feel like I'm submerged in a blur of uncertainty, regardless of how much goodness surrounds me. That's the truth about anxiety and depression: it does not hold back, no matter how good your life may be. It does not save itself for obvious hard moments; fear and [...]