Send A Lost Letter

There’s a theory I have that there are millions of letters all over the world that either had the wrong address or never made it from mind to pen. We sit and think of all of these things we wish we could tell people, but we never do. I’m talking I’m laying in bed at night thinking of all of the things I never told you before you walked away kinds of letters. Or I couldn’t formulate the sentences to really explain how I felt, but now it’s spilling out of my mind like wildfire kinds of letters.

So what would you say if I asked you to write that letter? The letter full of the things you never said to an ex, the things you wish you could have said to a lost loved one, or the letter you meant to write to your third grade teacher explaining why that one science project inspired your entire career. What would you do if you could just write it and then let it go?

We often bottle up all of the things we wish we could say and end up harboring resentment, hurt, and grief. We don’t let ourselves be seen for fear of being rejected or worse, unnoticed.

So I dare you to write that letter. Write it just how you want it. Don’t self-edit, don’t worry about hurting feelings, don’t worry about being raw and real. Just write. You can keep the letter as a reminder of what you’ve moved past, or you can send it to me.

As someone who has many lost letters, your words are safe here. You don’t even have to sign the letter. But write it. Write it for yourself. See what happens.

Want to send in a letter? Send all letters to 

All letters are secure and will not be shared to this page unless given consent. All writers will remain anonymous. 

Take a chance. Tell your story.