Podcasts: How to Feel Less Isolated

A few weeks ago I posted about having a “case of the Mondays” and how I tried to pep myself with the Trolls Album and large amounts of coffee. Not a bad duo, if I do say so myself. There are so many times when you can’t put what you’re feeling into words that make sense to someone else, and I find that when I feel isolated, frustrated, or simply just alone, I find solace in my favorite podcasts.

With a range of Bachelor-related podcasts, writers, and happiness experts (LOL), I have weaved myself a beautiful compilation of words from people I’ve come to adore, trust, and relate to. As podcasts have begun to take over the car-ride experience, I find them to be therapeutic and helpful. When I’m sad, I know who to listen to to feel less alone. When I’m feeling lousy about being 23, I hit up my girls on the “I Don’t Get It” podcast. So look no further, I have created a list of podcasts below that will cure any Monday or bad mood. If they don’t cure it, they’ll definitely make you giggle or sigh with relief that you are NOT the only person wandering down the ice-cream aisle contemplating what kind of chocolate will soothe your worries.

For the girl that feels like she’s different or weird…  

I Don’t Get It – By Ashley Iaconetti, Lauren Iaconetti, and Naz Perez. 

This is my go-to podcast when I need a solid dose of reality, humor, and 20-something advice. I initially started listening to this podcast when I became enthralled with the Bachelor franchise in 2016. I was curious about Ashley after seeing how the media portrayed her as this girl that “cried too much”. As someone that feels a LOT, I had to find out for myself if she was relatable or annoying. She’s relatable–in the “what is happening to my life, is everyone really that cool and I’m in a onesie?” kind of way. This isn’t for anyone that hates hearing about pop culture or relationships. I put them on as I’m driving to and from work when I need to feel like being 23 and single isn’t really all that weird (newsflash–it’s NOT). They talk about all of the things that they “don’t get” whether it’s relationships, pregnancy, or why going out on a Friday night is so cool.

I recommend this to any girl that has felt like she’s weird for not conforming to every social norm that comes with social media, drinking, relationships, or really anything to do with the millennial experience. I’ve listed a few of my favorite episodes below:

Episode 14: When is the Ideal Time for a Relationship in the Millineal Age?  – Listen to the girls talk about “The Big Life” – when having the right relationship, the right job, and the right house finally can come together.

Ep. 28: I Don’t Get Why Guys Are Staying Single Longer  – This episode was actually really intriguing to me as they discussed the science behind guys waiting to settle down. I really loved the idea behind why men are biologically inclined to wait longer to settle down, while girls feel an immense pressure to marry young based on a biological “timeline”.

Ep. 37: Why People Cheat & The 80/20 Rule – This one really hit me in a different way. It’s easy to think, “How could that guy/girl possibly cheat on someone?” This episode breaks down different views on why guys are more likely to cheat, what kind of person cheats based on their chemical make-up, etc. Definitely worth the listen.

For the person that feels stuck, uninspired, or simply just in a funk… 

Up next, I HAVE to share the Earn Your Happy podcast by Lori Harder. 

I found this podcast through my good friend and soul sister, Brittny Mahan. This one is all about chasing happiness and earning the life you deserve to have. Disclaimer: I am NOT a fan of people that preach from a pedestal and tell you you’re not working hard enough for happiness. I am of the mind that there are many reasons why people are unhappy and we are all on a journey to self-awareness. That being said, this podcast fit me perfectly. I started listening in 2015 when I was in my final year of college. I needed something that could help me – even if only for 20 minutes- to conquer my fears and feel in control of my life.

Lori is a fitness and happiness junkie that built her own brand and company based off of a need to live a better life that matched who she was. She leads her annual “Bliss Project” conference that I am DYING to attend where she teaches women and men from all over how to take manageable steps to reach their goals, gain control of their life, and build a better self. She interviews different guests each week AND she has different lengths of episodes. Wether you only have ten minutes to spare or you need a long podcast to listen to on a road trip, she has something for everyone. I’ve listed some of my favorites below. I also highly recommend checking out her website to learn more about how you can get closer to your own happiness – Lori Harder – The Bliss Project.

Episodes of Earn Your Happy – you can also find these in the podcast app in the Apple Store for free. 

Episode 99: How to KNOW IF YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH great for anyone struggling to know if they are really in the right place doing the right thing.

Episode 122: Live Your KICKASS LIFE – How to LET GO of Blocks and SHAME with Andrea Owen – This one helped me to gain a better understanding of the shame I carry for various reasons and what I can do to let go of what is holding me back.

For the creative… 

It wouldn’t be a post about podcasts if I didn’t mention my self-proclaimed mentor, Elizabeth Gilbert. Her Magic Lessons podcast has changed the game for linking a novel to daily trials and experiences. For those of you that don’t know her, Liz Gilbert wrote is the best-selling author of Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic. She also delivers a killer TED Talk linked here. I swear I listened to it 8 times in one day.

Some of my personal favorites from her podcast (linked here):

Episode 209: “Show Up Before You’re Ready” – Can I get an amen? AMEN. This podcast really struck a chord with me. As a perfectionist, I hate doing things when I don’t yet feel ready. This helped me to see that being ready isn’t a feeling, it’s a choice to show up regardless of fear.

Episode 204: “Who Gets to Decide Whether You’re A Legitimate Artist?” – For anyone that is a young creative or teacher that struggles with feeling inadequate when in the room with seasoned professionals… this one’s for you. Or maybe you’re really worried that being an artist means you look or sound a certain way… wrong. Check it out ASAP.

Episode 11: Brene Brown on “Big Strong Magic” – Another lady I adore, Brene Brown. She talks with Liz about her book Rising Strong and gives insight into what it means to be a creative.

And finally, for anyone and everyone that needs to fuel their soul… 

Oprah’s Soul Sessions – I literally cannot stop listening to these. They are my most awaited podcasts to date. Each one is an interview between Oprah and someone that has learned a big lesson that has completely changed their life. I use the podcast app that’s free in the app store to listen. I recommend listening to all of them, honestly. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are my top three favorites (so hard to choose):

Glennon Doyle: The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life – I have listened to it over ten times. It is one of the podcasts that has ultimately begun shaping who I am at this point of my life. Glennon opens up about how she started her blog and writing after a Facebook post years ago. Her raw, eye-opening experience with addiction and fear completely shook me. I cannot say enough how much I truly adore this episode.

Shonda Rhimes: Change Your Life By Saying “Yes” (And “No” Too) – Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE me some Shonda. She talks with Oprah about her book, Year of Yes in which she spent a year saying yes to things she normally wouldn’t and how that opened her up to be the best version of herself. It really resonated with me as an introverted creative.

Mitch Albom: The Dying Know the Secrets to a Good Life – Mitch Album wrote the incredible book, Tuesdays With Morrie in which he chronicled their weekly visits as Morrie began to die. It gives a beautiful insight into what it means to live as if today is the last day, why it’s important to listen to the people that have been around longer than you, and how listening has been one of the greatest gifts he’s ever given himself.

So those are some of my favorite podcasts and episodes. I don’t know if this kind of post will be usual for me, but I find that sharing these and having others share their favorite words with me has truly helped to gain a better sense of who I am and how I can navigate the world. You’re not alone. Ta-ta for now.


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